Niseem Magdy
Research Associate ● Stony Brook University
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United States of America
English, Arabic
About  Niseem Magdy
I've always been curious about the underlying mechanisms of natural phenomena and how their behavior can be explained by math and physics. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in physics from AL-AZHAR University in Cairo at the end of 2010. In 2014 I joined the Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA) as a visiting scientist; then, I started my Ph.D. program in August 2015 and completed the Ph.D. in October 2018 from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. From 2018 to 2022, I worked as a post-doctor research associate at the physics department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently, I'm a research associate at Stonybrook University. My current work is focused on studying the strongly interacting medium (Quark-Gluon Plasma), a liquid that exists at an extremely high temperature and/or density. It is believed that the universe was in a quark-gluon plasma state up to a few milliseconds after the Big Bang. My work could help explain more mysteries about how the universe became what we know today. In addition, I interviewed many famous scientists around the world on my YouTube channel,
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Explaining physics concepts in different areas of physics: -Nuclear and particle physics -Cosmology and astronomy -Spatial and general relativity -How to understand our universe?
Career Highlights

Postdoctoral Research Associate [May 2022]

University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Associate

Stony Brook University

Education & Qualifications

Bachelor of Science (Physics)

Al Azhar University


Stony Brook University

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